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The Greg Segal Story  One day in April of 1997 I was in Broad Ripple at Kinkos and while I was talking on the phone a young woman next to me out of the clear blue said, "You look familiar, are you Jewish?" I said, "Yeah I'm Jewish." She said, "My name is Ellen Goldberg." I said, "Did you have a sister, Beth?" She answered in the affirmative and then told me that she was a Messianic Jew. I said, "What is that; What are you talking about? Oh, if that's Jews for Jesus, I don't know about that stuff!" Ellen said, "You have got to meet this guy, Johnny Lieberman." I then talked to Jon on the phone right there for about 10 minutes and we ended up making a luncheon appointment for the next week. Then.....

The Steve Sherman Story  I grew up believing that God was an impersonal far-away Being. I had this idea that it was God’s job to control the main functions of the universe as keeping the sun, moon, planets, and stars in their proper place. He was in charge of the weather (even including the catastrophes). He created the mountains, rivers, etc.; however, when it came to my life, I believed that my Jewish tradition, which I grew up with, told me that I needed to follow a prescribed set of Laws and rules in order to please Him. God, then, would watch and see how faithful I was to do them. My job was to please Him if I could, and there might be a reward later; if I didn't please Him,  then I would be in severe trouble. ...

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The Leslie Doctor Story "A Journey from Shame to Acceptance"
Tragedy struck early in our home. When I was only 5 years old, my dad had a fatal heart attack, the day after my mother’s birthday. Then 3 months later my mom asked a very nice young Catholic woman named Mary Ann to come and live with us for a while to help out with us kids. Her mother had been our babysitter. Mary Ann was very loving to us. She was young, full of life, and brought laughter into our household. Often I would come into her room to talk, play and listen to music.

One day when I was 5 years old, Mary Ann, who was a teacher at a Catholic school, took me to her church sanctuary.
I saw her kneel down, and as impressionable 5-year-olds are, I also knelt down. As I got up, I had this strong impression on my mind …that God really existed and that He also had a Son – Jesus. We then left the church and went to my Jewish grandparents’ home for dinner.

Before we sat around the table, I blurted out my latest discovery. I said, "Guess what? I just knelt down to God and to Jesus!" Obviously as a naive and innocent child, I didn’t understand that
saying the name of Jesus was forbidden in a Jewish home. I don’t remember their remarks, but I am sure, after recovering from their initial shock, they quickly changed the subject....

The Randy Mitchell Story:
.....We just learned the devastating news about our newborn son's condition.   Two cardiologists at the Riley Hospital for Children confirmed our fears.   Brandon, diagnosed with a serious heart condition, was facing open heart surgery by the time he would be one-year-old! He had a hole between the two upper chambers of his heart.  I was raised in a culturally very Jewish home and I just was not one that prayed about anything. But that evening I dropped to my knees in my darkened bedroom and cried out, "Oh, God, help my son."  A month later the most amazing thing happened.....

The Barb 'Samberg' Lucas Story:
" I was working at Riley Children’s Hospital in the New Natal Intensive Care Unit. After graduating from North Central High School in 1974, I had gone through the accelerated nursing program receiving my degree in 1976. It was the night before I was going into the hospital for surgery. I had breast cancer and my chemotherapy treatments had not worked to send this cancer into remission. Thus, I had to go in for a double mastectomy. I was only 19 years old when they found these tumors! That’s when I started questioning whether or not God was really there. Why am I going through it? I had a martyr complex and said, 'I’d rather it be me than my mother or sister.' As far as praying, my plea to God was, 'God, don’t let me die.' .....THEN I RECEIVED A MOST UNUSUAL CALL FROM A COMPLETE STRANGER WHO RIGHT AWAY WANTED TO TALK ABOUT GOD.   SHE SAID......... "

The Steven Moed Story 
"I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in a very culturally Reformed Jewish family."...    I was pretty much insulated from Christians growing up since we lived in a very Jewish area....   Things were about to change when I headed off to Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the fall of 1978.

"In my junior year I met and fell in love with a girl named Angel from Westfield, Indiana. Angel had no problem with me being Jewish since she was taught at her church that the Jews were God’s Chosen People. She just thought being Jewish meant you were one close to God.  Three years later we were married.

It was soon after our marriage that our religious differences really became more evident to us and many problems erupted in our marriage."

Then 24 years later..... "On Sunday morning, while resting on the couch in total confusion with my life, I contemplated the realty of my marriage coming to an end. I decided to turn on the television to forget about my problems. I began to watch this movie,  A Vow to Cherish..."

The Larry Rosenbaum Story:
My father was a pediatrician in Indianapolis and wanted the best education for all four of his Jewish sons. I guess it was assumed that I would emulate my father, go to Yale, and then to John Hopkins Medical school. There was one small problem. There was something about blood that I detested! The idea of opening up people’s bodies and looking at all of the blood sickened me. I just didn’t want to go to Medical School. I didn’t even like dissecting frogs.  In college I was searching for answers to the existential pain I was experiencing and thought that I might become a psychologist or psychiatrist instead.......

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