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During my Junior year at Indiana University, a fellow Jewish ZBT Fraternity brother said to me, "Jon, if you died tonight, where would you go?" This question led me on a two year spiritual search. At the end of this journey I came to believe…….    [Testimony finished]
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Other true stories of Jewish people that grew up in Indianapolis and later encountered the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You will be deeply touched by their sincere testimonies of divine healing, answered prayer, and the joy that came into their lives when they discovered the identity of the Jewish Messiah.
Testimonies available:
Greg Segal,   Steve Sherman,   Larry Rosenbaum,  Barbara Samberg and others.

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A Messianic Jewish scholar answers 100 Jewish Objections to Jesus being the Messiah. This dissertation by Dr. Michael L. Brown of ICN Ministries will require Adobe PDF Reader to view. If needed, click here to download the free reader from Adobe. [Click to View the Article]
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Does God require that a Jewish person today must faithfully follow all of the commandments of Torah in order to be a righteous? Does God have different paths for the Jew and gentile? You might be shocked to learn that Yom Kippur (the Jewish biblical Day of Atonement)………. [Article finished]
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Read what follows to find an answer to this 2000 year old question that still impacts the "Law of Return" in Israel today.

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